mandmrig3.jpgWhat is a WORKING BIG DOG? A Large or Giant Breed (or mix of the same) Dog that has a job. What kind of job can a Big Dog Have? Oh my goodness the list is endless. A working dog is a happy dog.

A Working Big Dog can be a dog that Backpacks or carries a Backpack, pulls a rig, sled, travois, cart, wagon, or someone on skis, skates or in a snow saucer. A working big dog can be a Guardian Livestock Dog, herd sheep or other farm animals, a Seeing Eye Dog, or a dog that can tell if a seizure is coming on, or the like. Many Working Big dogs are watch dogs, they have or do a trick show, many Big Dogs weight pull, others may enjoy marching in Parades.

A Working Big Dog may be a dance partner, a frisbie/frisbee/disc competitor, or a hunter. It could also be an Obedience Competitor, a Conformational Show Dog, an Agility Competitor, a Rally Dog, a Police Dog, Search and Rescue Dog, Water Rescue Dog.....see? I told you the list could go on and on. There is much a dog can do.

How big is a Working Big Dog....some are smaller then they think. We think of Working Big Dogs to be at least big enough to pull a sled, but then even little bitty dogs can pull an itty bitty sled.

On that same note, some of the biggest dogs have no idea how big they are and will climb right up in your lap. These big ole dogs need to be taught manners and obedience early, as young pups, so thjat they do not jump on someone and hurt them.


Deron and I met through sled dogs. We either have or have had dogs that pull sleds, rigs, carts, wagons, travois, scooters, as well as my attempt at ski joring.

Some of our dogs do or did weight pull, backpack, compete at frisbie/frisbee/disc catching. Many of our dogs enjoy agility, obedience, trick shows, giving demos at Old Folks Homes, Schools, for Scouts, at the St. Louis, MO Wolf Sanctuary, and many other places. We have a dog that both Shed Hunts and rabbit hunts.

We have bred, raised, trained and competed and won/win with our own dogs. But most of all our dogs are our friends, companions and pets. Part of the family. You won't see us in too many places without a little black Cocker Spaniel with us (unless it is too hot/unsafe for her to travel). Joy is our constant companion and may even be a bit spoiled.

No matter what job you give a dog, give a job. Working dogs are happy dogs. Working dogs rarely need an new home. Working dogs usually do not become barkers or diggers are tear you couch up while you are not home, why? They have a purpose in life. Dogs like teenagers need to have a job to stay out of trouble and have a meaning in life.

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